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Kathy Aldridge, Image Consultant and Personal Stylist providing Personal Colour Analysis and Style services in Sussex and Surrey

What do you gain from a consultation with me?

Do you feel it’s time you invested in yourself? You’ve been busy looking after everyone else, well, now it’s your turn!  But, are you wondering where to start?  I know how you feel!  As we reach milestone birthdays we find that confidence ebbs away.

I work with a variety of women, who need to feel more confident.  I want to help you feel comfortable, assured and happy.  Knowing every piece of clothing you choose is a great style, fit and colour for you is extremely empowering. Radiating self-belief will be the result of choosing styles to reflect your personality. Wearing colours in both clothes and make-up that harmonise with your individual colouring is the quickest route to transform your look, to ensure you are your most radiant and youthful.

Do you feel somewhat lost? Maybe you’ve had a major change in life?

Are you waiting promotion or attending interviews and want to make the best impression?

Do you make a lot of public presentations and want your image to say as much as the words you speak?

Will you be the Mother of the Bride or Groom in the near future, and want to look and the feel the best you can?

Are you a professional woman with her own business, wishing to dress to impress and promote your business?

Have you got more time on your hands now the children have left the nest?

Are you going through the menopause, feeling down and frustrated?

Have you experienced a relationship breakdown, and are now feeling emotionally drained?

Are you feeling grief or loneliness?

Would you like to embrace new beginnings?

For whatever reason you need to increase your inner confidence, I’ll feel honoured, and will value being a trusted aid to help you get your sparkle back. I want you to benefit from feeling self-assured in your choice of clothing, secure in the knowledge you’ll look fabulous and feel happy every day.

The benefits of a transformation are really profound.  You will –

Save money – no more wasteful impulse buys!

Have new focus when shopping, saving time!

Feel energised to take on challenges with renewed vigour.

Gain belief in yourself and the choices you make!

Know the colours of clothing that make you look radiant and youthful!

Choose the right shades of make-up to enhance and define your features.

Feel comfortable and more contented!

See an improvement in your relationships as your self-esteem increases.

Be playing your part in helping the environment by reducing clothes and make-up waste.

Minimise any stress felt when rushing to get dressed every morning!

Stop saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ whilst looking into a crammed wardrobe!

Choose appropriate outfits with confidence.

Receive compliments!

Exude self-assurance!

Smile More!

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Helping image conscious female entrepreneurs stand out and create their personal brand by embracing their best colours and style

Lockdown solution

Has your confidence dipped?

You’re at the right place! – I’m here to help you!

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If you wake up every morning trying on a million different outfits before leaving for the day, you’re not alone!

I’ve done the same, and lots of other have women too!

Every day we have an opportunity to define who we are going to be, how we will present ourselves to the world, and in turn how the world will react to us. Perhaps you just need help to refocus on the colours, styles and fabrics that suit you now, the pieces of clothing and accessories that make you feel happy, comfortable and fabulous.

I offer my Style and Colour Analysis services including Colour Parties and Style Parties from my conservatory studio in Horsham, and also a mobile service to your home. I travel within Sussex, Surrey and parts of Hampshire, dependent on availability. This includes Colour Parties, Style Parties, make-up lessons and wardrobe reviews/detox.

How I can help

An image consultant to suit your budget

Perhaps you need a fresh set of eyes to help you make the most of your current wardrobe? Adding a few new additions to bring some pieces alive or more up-to-date.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to use the services of an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist. Just a desire to make the most of your overall look – and then enjoy the confidence and pleasure that follows, regardless of size, proportions and budget. When I know your personal colours and style personality, personal shopping with you is great fun and we’ll go shopping within Sussex, Surrey (Guildford), Gunwharf Quays, Southampton, London and Bluewater.

Kathy Aldridge you are amazing. Your help and advice has helped me change my shopping habits for the better. You bring colour to everyone’s life!

Thank you Kathy Aldridge for that fascinating revelation! I’m excited to go shopping again, no more black, black and for a change, black! Everyone should give this a go.

She will try and test and tune the colours that work in your favour. Sometimes there’s only a couple of shades between fabulous and disaster! Horsham-based Kathy has always known how to put colours together, it’s a huge bonus that she’s now out there helping us to do the same. Highly recommended.

I’ve had the most lovely morning. You would think it’s easy to know which colours suit you. I was surprised to find out there are colours out there that make me look and feel better for wearing them.

My colour consultation with Kathy has totally changed the way I think about my clothes and makeup!

I can help you feel amazing

It’s truly incredible what the right colours and style can do for your self esteem. The right outfit can boost your confidence, offer calm and comfort or be an uplifting friend. The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish with newfound confidence!
Whilst based in Horsham in Sussex, I will happily travel to offer a Full Colour Analysis and Personal Style services. I’m very happy to discuss your Colour Analysis and style needs further.

Over 30 years’ experience

Having worked as a skincare and makeup consultant and in customer service for some of the largest international brands, I always love helping women feel great about themselves. I am fascinated with how different styles, colours and fabrics can bring someone alive!

Everyone deserves to feel great

I work with a variety of women with different body shapes and personal colouring. Whatever your concern or dilemma is, I can help. Working with Colour Me Beautiful, recognised as the international leader in the colour, image and styling industry, gives me unrivalled access to to the best tools and techniques to create the best styles for you

Whatever your style dilemma, I can help

Contact me to discuss your needs in confidence

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Colour consultations

Colour services tailored to you

  • Personal colour analysis
  • Makeup guidance/lessons
  • Full image consultations

Style consultations

Discover your own personal style

  • Personalised style consultations
  • Wardrobe detox;
  • Personal shopping
  • Style update – find out about the trends and must-haves for forthcoming seasons

Groups and parties

Have fun with friends

  • Group sessions for colour and style consultations
  • Great value, fun parties available
  • Become a Colour Me Beautiful @home consultant
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“Kathy Aldridge you are amazing. Your help and advice has made me change my shopping habits for the better. You put colour in everyone’s life!”

Kerstern Ashpole

Helping you look and feel your best

Whether you just need some advice, some guidance or a totally new look, I am here to help.

To find out more about the way I work with Colour Me Beautiful, please contact me using the button below.

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