Buying a winter coat is certainly an investment purchase. I recommend that you stick to neutral colours because you’re less likely to tire of say a navy coat, than you are a pink checked one.

And of course it’s far more versatile. But make sure you choose a shade that you look fantastic in (black may appeal but only truly suits some-deeps, clears & cools).
Since changing her hair colour, Emma Willis has moved from a Clear to a Soft palette. Deep and vivid colours overwhelm her muted look but camel is a chic and elegant option.
Here are a few suggestions to consider before making that investment purchase:
LIGHT: medium grey, stone
DEEP: black, charcoal
WARM: chocolate, oatmeal
COOL: charcoal, dark navy
CLEAR: black, dark navy
SOFT: taupe. rose brown
The coat featured is from the Emma Willis range at Next.