Personal Colour Analysis Consultations

Includes a wallet of 42 fabric swatches and make-up reference guide.

£140 on weekdays, £150 at weekends (Duration 2.5 hours)

Colours reflect up onto our faces. Wearing the wrong ones can drain our faces of colour, create shadows and lines and dull our natural radiance.

Finding and wearing the right colours can help to make us look younger and healthier.

A personal colour consultation will boost your confidence as you discover your personal collection of colours which will make you more radiant.

And demonstrate:

  • What your ‘dominant’ colouring is. Why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others. And how to wear and combine your colours!
  • Make-up guidance (and application where desired) for a natural daytime, and evening look, which items to use from your current make-up bag, and the opportunity to try new colours prescribed especially for you.
  • How best to wear the colours you already have in your wardrobe, especially black.

What is involved?

Whilst the main question you want me to answer is: ‘what colours suit me?’

We will begin by finding out a bit about your lifestyle, clothes, make-up, shopping habits and what colours you like to wear.

By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together you’ll then be shown the range of colours that compliment your unique colouring and ways in which you can wear them.

You will also be advised on your best neutral shades and how they can create your wardrobe staples such as suits, jackets and trousers.

You will learn how to bring the colours from your personal palette into your wardrobe and discover which ones really give you the WOW factor, which you’ll love!

Make-up can enhance your features and help you feel more confident. I will give you a day time make-up in colours that compliment your skin tone and features, and supply you with a list of suitable make-up shades.

A personalised wallet containing 42 fabric swatches and colour combination tips is yours to take with you for future shopping trips so you will always know which colours to wear.

New – Online Dominant Colour Analysis – includes a wallet of 30 fabric swatches and make-up prescription.

£75 (Duration 1-1.5 hours)

Dominant Colour Analysis’ online – by Zoom calls, What’s App and FaceTime etc, is one of the services I offer. I am able to give advice by assessing your hair and eye colour along with the tone of your complexion, which, with modern technology is easily accomplished. I then forward your personal wallet to you, containing your 30 fabric swatches and a summary of the personal advice given.

Colour Analysis takes away the guessing from choosing colours from your wardrobe, or when buying new items. It gives you confidence to go to events knowing you’ll look your radiant best, boost your self-esteem to attend a sought after interview, and make that important speech. It really is life changing.

So, I am able to help from further afield, and for anyone who would rather remain at home presently, it is another fun way of having your own Colours ‘done’.

I can help you feel amazing

It’s truly incredible what the right colours and style can do for your self esteem. The right outfit can boost your confidence, offer calm and comfort or be an uplifting friend. The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish with newfound confidence!
Whilst based in Horsham in Sussex, I will happily travel to offer a Full Colour Analysis and Personal Style services. I’m very happy to discuss your Colour Analysis and style needs further.

Over 30 years’ experience

Having worked as a skincare and makeup consultant and in customer service for some of the largest international brands, I always love helping women feel great about themselves. I am fascinated with how different styles, colours and fabrics can bring someone alive!

Everyone deserves to feel great

I work with a variety of women with different body shapes and personal colouring. Whatever your concern or dilemma is, I can help. Working with Colour Me Beautiful, recognised as the international leader in the colour, image and styling industry, gives me unrivalled access to to the best tools and techniques to create the best styles for you

Whatever your style dilemma, I can help

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The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.”

Coco Chanel

Helping you look and feel your best

Whether you just need some advice, some guidance or a totally new look, I am here to help.

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