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Parties are a great way to get some friends together as well as being a relatively inexpensive way of having the colour me beautiful experience

You can choose whether you want your party to focus on colour, style, make-up or fashion – it is entirely centred on your group. The atmosphere at colour me beautiful parties is fun, social and interactive, so everyone gets involved. Parties are perfect for birthdays, work leaving do’s and retirement parties, hen-do’s, a treat for busy mums, or simply as an excuse to get your group of friends together!

I cater for a group and offer parties for the following services

Colour Parties are a great way to get some friends together as well as being a relatively inexpensive way of having the colour me beautiful experience, learning about your individual dominant colouring.

Learn what your dominant colouring is and what that means to the clothes and make-up you wear. You will learn how to apply make-up and have the opportunity to try the exclusive colour me beautiful products range.

If you like the service, you can always upgrade to a full Colour Consultation later!

The content and price of a colour party can be personalised to your group requirements, and the price vary accordingly.

The main options are:

Dominant Colour Analysis with a personal colour wallet containing 30 dominant colouring fabric swatches to take away: £85 per person – 2 people. £80 per person – 3 people. £75 per person – 4/5 ladies.

Duration: Duration 3-3.5 hours dependant on numbers.

Dominant Colour Analysis with a Colour Me Beautiful book – £45 per person.

Duration: Duration 3-3.5 hours dependant on numbers.

Please contact me to discuss your group requirements further.

Your Style is a great way to learn more about your Style Personality and which clothing cuts and shapes look best on each of you.

At a Your Style Party everyone will learn how to select the most flattering styles and fabrics for their body shape. You will also find out what your unique style personality is and how you can express this through your wardrobe. Bring along some of your own clothes to understand what’s right (or wrong) about them. You never know, you could end up swapping your clothes with some of your friends!

If you like the service, you can always choose a full Style Consultation later!

Duration: 3.5-4 hours dependant on numbers.

Style Parties start at £80 per person and include a Colour Me Beautiful book for each guest.

Make-up parties

Discover your most flattering make-up shades. Cosmetic application techniques will be shown with a unique make-over by the end of the evening. Find out how you can take your day look to evening and leave knowing that everything you’ve learnt is written on your personalised beauty worksheet.

Duration: 2-3 hours, depending on numbers

Make-up Parties start at £35 per person and include a personalised beauty worksheet for each guest.

Style Update parties

Style Update takes the indecision and frustration out of looking up-to-date by helping you to discover which of this season’s fashions are most suited to your shape and colouring. Advice on ‘must haves’, make-up, and where to shop for the season is included. Simple ideas for updating your wardrobe and accessorising will help keep your look current, regardless of your budget. Everyone will receive a style update booklet with all the information discussed, so you can take new fashions in your stride.

Style Update Parties start at £20 per person and include a seasonal update leaflet for each guest.

Wardrobe and makeup bag detox parties

For 4 people or more …. Have fun and discover your dominant colours for clothing and the best shades of make-up for you, with tips for application for a day time or evening look. You bring along 6 items from your wardrobes and we make sure that they are all making you look your best. If not, you may find colours and styles to suit you better within the selection of clothes available to exchange, so you can swop! We will also check your make-up bags to ensure you are using the best colours for your colouring. There is also the option to try your prescribed colours from the Colour Me Beautiful cosmetic range.

You can purchase a Dominant Colour palette if you wish.

Price: from £55 per person. Includes a personalised make-up and colour prescription

Duration: around 2 hours

I can personalise sessions for you and your group, so please just get in touch so we can arrange a chat.

I can help you feel amazing

It’s truly incredible what the right colours and style can do for your self esteem. The right outfit can boost your confidence, offer calm and comfort or be an uplifting friend. The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish with newfound confidence!
Whilst based in Horsham in Sussex, I will happily travel to offer a Full Colour Analysis and Personal Style services. I’m very happy to discuss your Colour Analysis and style needs further.

Over 30 years’ experience

Having worked as a skincare and makeup consultant and in customer service for some of the largest international brands, I always love helping women feel great about themselves. I am fascinated with how different styles, colours and fabrics can bring someone alive!

Everyone deserves to feel great

I work with a variety of women with different body shapes and personal colouring. Whatever your concern or dilemma is, I can help. Working with Colour Me Beautiful, recognised as the international leader in the colour, image and styling industry, gives me unrivalled access to to the best tools and techniques to create the best styles for you

Whatever your style dilemma, I can help

Contact me to discuss your needs in confidence

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Colour consultations

Colour services tailored to you

  • Personal colour analysis
  • Makeup guidance/lessons
  • Full image consultations

Style consultations

Discover your own personal style

  • Personalised style consultations
  • Wardrobe detox;
  • Personal shopping
  • Style update – find out about the trends and must-haves for forthcoming seasons

Groups and parties

Have fun with friends

  • Group sessions for colour and style consultations
  • Great value, fun parties available
  • Become a Colour Me Beautiful @home consultant
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“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Oscar de la Renta

Helping you look and feel your best

Whether you just need some advice, some guidance or a totally new look, I am here to help.

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