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Understand the best colours for you and how to use them. Includes a wallet of 42 fabric swatches.

£140 weekdays, £150 on a Saturday (Duration 2 hours)

In previous years, many Colour Consultants categorised their clients by seasons, either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, as did Colour Me Beautiful trained consultants.

As everyone’s colouring does not fit exactly into one of these four categories, Colour Me Beautiful changed to a more in-depth process based on the Munsell Colour System.

As a result, even if you have had a colour consultation before, the good news is that there will now be more colour options for you! I use the updated six-themed dominant colouring system which means there are 24 different colour palettes. I initially look at your dominant colouring, then your secondary characteristic (your skin’s undertone) and thirdly, your tertiary characteristics (colours best suited to close to your face). This takes into consideration the different depths and clarity of shades we need to look our best, and our personal ‘WOW’ colours.

A colour consultation not only helps your make-up choices, but also with your clothes shopping. Your choice of clothing and accessories is much easier and focused, saving you time and money.

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£65.00 – 1hr – 1hr 30. Includes wallet of 30 fabric swatches and make-up prescription.

Dominant Colour Analysis’ online – by Zoom calls, What’s App and FaceTime etc, is one of the services I offer. I am able to give advice by assessing your hair and eye colour along with the tone of your complexion, which, with modern technology is easily accomplished. I then forward your personal wallet to you, containing your 30 fabric swatches and a summary of the personal advice given.

Colour Analysis takes away the guessing from choosing colours from your wardrobe, or when buying new items. It gives you confidence to go to events knowing you’ll look your radiant best, boost your self-esteem to attend a sought after interview, and make that important speech. It really is life changing.

So, I am able to help from further afield, and for anyone who would rather remain at home presently, it is another fun way of having your own Colours ‘done’.

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Discover your style personality and learn the best styles to compliment your face and body shape. Includes style book & style guide.

£140 weekdays, £150 on a Saturday (Duration 2.5 hours)

Maybe you just need help to refresh and refocus on the colours and, styles that suit you now, the pieces of clothing and accessories that make you feel happy, comfortable and confident.

I like to get to know more about you so that your personality shines through in the choices we make, and I enhance rather than completely change. A Style Consultation will be conducted in a relaxed instinctive way, rather than prescriptive, and no tape measures are involved.

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Premier Service combining Colour Analysis, Style Consultation and Makeup Guidance. Includes 42 colour swatch wallet, style workbook & Personalised beauty guide.

£285 weekdays, £300 Saturdays (Duration 4 hours, can be split over 2 sessions if preferred)

Save yourself time, money and energy. Let’s empower you to start each day feeling happy when you look in the wardrobe – knowing you can create outfits that work perfectly for any occasion!

  • Feel confident wearing colours that flatter
  • Find your authentic clothing style and make-up
  • Combining the Colour and Style Consultations in addition to make-up prescription/guidance.

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£50 (Duration 1 hour)

I will go through the new season’s looks and show you which ones work best for you and why.  You will learn about the ‘must haves’, the make-up trends and where the best places are to shop for your shape and colouring, always taking your budget into consideration.  You will also be shown how to re-style pieces that you already have and learn simple ideas for updating your wardrobe and accessorising to keep your look current. You will receive Fashionably Fresh leaflet/booklet as a guide to all that you’ve learned in the session.

A Colour Me Beautiful Style Update session will show you:

  • This season’s must haves
  • Where to shop for your best styles
  • Your best colours this season and how to combine them
  • A new and natural make-up look
  • Easy ways to update your existing wardrobe
  • New styles for hair, glasses and accessories

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Discover your personal make-up prescription and techniques to apply so it lasts.

£50 (Duration 1 hour)

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or, maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?
Learn how to look gorgeous and flawless with a personal make-up lesson. Discover how to enhance your face shape and features quickly and confidently. A fantastic fun way to breathe new life into your look.

A beautifully designed, cruelty free cosmetic range personally prescribed for your colouring type. Over 90% of our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom. We are a British company and we’re passionate about supporting Britain.

Our ‘jewel in the crown’ and best-seller is our magnetic compact system. It does away with excess packaging, wastage and, for the customer, a make-up bag full of products rarely used!

Your favourite eye, lip and cheek products are all contained in one handy compact. You need only replace the products you love and are the most frequently used.

Colour Me Beautiful introduced a new skincare range in 2018, made in the UK, Vegan and cruelty free, they harness the effective qualities of essential oils. The product benefits are available to view via my shop link, on the home page.

Enhances the way your current clothing works for you, and will identify any potential requirements. Includes guidance notes to keep.

£50 per hour

Offering my personalised service, I will review your wardrobe with you and accompany you on a shopping trip(s). You will gain most benefit from this if you have attended a Colour analysis Consultation and/or a style consultation beforehand.

I will help you coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without necessarily having to buy more clothes.

Prevent you from wasting money! Purchase your ‘wow’ colours and styles.

Learn how to shop effectively and with purpose.

£50 per hour (min 2 hours, plus transport costs)

This is an ideal personal service when you want to update your wardrobe with new additions, or shop for a specific event. It will also be beneficial after a Colour Analysis and/or Style Consultation. We’ll discuss what you wish to achieve beforehand, and I’ll research suitable stores.

Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements.

Enjoy a fun colour, style or makeup party with friends or family.

Parties are a great way to get friends together and are a relatively inexpensive way of having the Colour me Beautiful experience. It’s a great alternative to a spa day and the benefits last a lot longer!

You can choose whether you want your party to focus on colour, style, makeup or fashion, and I centre all the services around your group. The atmosphere is fun, social and interactive so everyone gets involved. Our parties are perfect for hen-nights, birthdays, retirement parties, a treat for busy mums, or as an excuse to get your group of friends together!

Please contact me for prices and to discuss your personal requirements, or read more about my Groups & Parties >

I present to groups such as the WI to showcase the effects of Colour, and how it can transform your confidence and improve your radiance. I also present on Style, and how finding your own style also boosts your confidence.

I make my presentations engaging and interactive.

The duration varies, dependant on your needs.

Costs from £75.00 + mileage (No mileage costs for locations within Horsham)

Contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Looking for an ideal gift for a loved one or a friend, these are the perfect present, a gift that last’s a lifetime. If you’re in need of a treat to look forward to yourself, these can be purchased at any time to use at a later date.

I offer gift vouchers from £10 up to the cost of a full session or to cover the cost of an individual workshop.

Kathy Aldridge you are amazing. Your help and advice has helped me change my shopping habits for the better. You bring colour to everyone’s life!

Thank you Kathy Aldridge for that fascinating revelation! I’m excited to go shopping again, no more black, black and for a change, black! Everyone should give this a go.

She will try and test and tune the colours that work in your favour. Sometimes there’s only a couple of shades between fabulous and disaster! Horsham-based Kathy has always known how to put colours together, it’s a huge bonus that she’s now out there helping us to do the same. Highly recommended.

I’ve had the most lovely morning. You would think it’s easy to know which colours suit you. I was surprised to find out there are colours out there that make me look and feel better for wearing them.

My colour consultation with Kathy has totally changed the way I think about my clothes and makeup!

I can help you feel amazing

It’s truly incredible what the right colours and style can do for your self esteem. The right outfit can boost your confidence, offer calm and comfort or be an uplifting friend. The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish with newfound confidence!
Whilst based in Horsham in Sussex, I will happily travel to offer a Full Colour Analysis and Personal Style services. I’m very happy to discuss your Colour Analysis and style needs further.

Over 30 years’ experience

Having worked as a skincare and makeup consultant and in customer service for some of the largest international brands, I always love helping women feel great about themselves. I am fascinated with how different styles, colours and fabrics can bring someone alive!

Everyone deserves to feel great

I work with a variety of women with different body shapes and personal colouring. Whatever your concern or dilemma is, I can help. Working with Colour Me Beautiful, recognised as the international leader in the colour, image and styling industry, gives me unrivalled access to to the best tools and techniques to create the best styles for you

Whatever your style dilemma, I can help

Contact me to discuss your needs in confidence

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Colour consultations

Colour services tailored to you

  • Personal colour analysis
  • Makeup guidance/lessons
  • Full image consultations

Style consultations

Discover your own personal style

  • Personalised style consultations
  • Wardrobe detox;
  • Personal shopping
  • Style update – find out about the trends and must-haves for forthcoming seasons

Groups and parties

Have fun with friends

  • Group sessions for colour and style consultations
  • Great value, fun parties available
  • Become a Colour Me Beautiful @home consultant
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“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick.”

Audrey Hepburn

Helping you look and feel your best

Whether you just need some advice, some guidance or a totally new look, I am here to help.

To find out more about the way I work with Colour Me Beautiful, please contact me using the button below.

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