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Cost: £99
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Includes: Digital Colour Palette
Your Personal Colour Wallet sent to you with 30 superior fabric swatches
Makeup guide for your colouring
Summary report on how to wear your colours

This is an ideal consultation if you have previously had a personal colour analysis and need an update with a digital colour palette, or if you are new to the world of colour analysis.

colour analysis using digital photos

I will initially send you a pre-consultation information guide, to explain the process. Using the Tonal System, I analyse several photos of you, taking into consideration your hair, eyes and skin. This enables me to assess and code your Dominant colouring. We’ll then meet online on video (Zoom or other platforms) where I’ll present, discuss and confirm these to you. You’ll discover your best colours, new combinations and learn how to update your wardrobe. Colour is the quickest way to transform your image, so you’ll feel your look is refreshed, stylish and well put together.

You receive make-up and jewellery advice, and details of how different fabrics can affect colours. I naturally answer any questions you may have on how to select colours and how to combine them.

This online colour analysis consultation duration is 60-90 minutes and a fantastic investment in yourself to feel confident and look radiant. You’ll have your colour wallet as a reference guide for shopping so you’ll eliminate wasteful impulse buys. Choosing your daily outfits will be much easier.

You can also follow up with an additional face to face session (priced at £51) where I analyse your secondary and tertiary characteristics and show you all your colours together.


Cost: £55
Duration: 1 Hour
Includes: Style Personality Questionnaire and summary

This is the ideal first style session and recommended prior to the Figure & Style consultation.

What do your clothes say about you? Do they reflect the real you?

Would you like to understand how you can best portray our personality through your choice of styles?

We go through the Style Personality Questionnaire together to determine preferences and what you’d like to aim for. I provide examples of various styles and how they’ll resonate with you, to suit our individual personality.


Cost: £99
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins
Includes: A Style presentation/Illustrated guide of clothing and outfit ideas, to suit your body shape and scale

We will have ideally completed the Style Personality Questionnaire which is the first piece of the Style jigsaw. For this consultation, I will request several photos – a selfie showing your face clearly in good light, and several photos of your body. The headshot enables me to analyse your face shape to give advice on hairstyles, glasses (including sunglasses) and makeup tips to enhance your face shape.

I will determine your body shape and scale from the photos you provide. We’ll discuss this during a zoom call where I present my findings and suggestions for clothing shapes and styles. This includes the best fabrics to choose.

I also encourage you to send two separate pictures of you wearing an outfit you like and wear, and another of you in an outfit that you don’t wear. I will give you feedback and any appropriate suggestions.

I’ll provide you with a full illustrated guide to keep and refer to when putting outfits together.


Cost: £320
Duration:– 6 hours (suggested over 3-4 separate sessions)
Includes: Digital Colour Palette & Summary Report
Style Personality Questionnaire & Summary
Personalised Figure & Shape illustrated presentation to keep
A Tropic Lipstick to suit your personal colouring

By the end of the Full Image – Magical Makeover you’ll be in a position where you’re full of confidence, wearing clothes that enhance you.

You’ll receive compliments and smile more. Friends will gasp with admiration, wanting to know why you’re glowing.

There’s three main steps we have to go through to achieve this.

  • Finding the colours to make your eyes sparkle, give you radiance and pizzazz!
  • You’ll complete a Style Personality Questionnaire and we’ll discuss the styles that will reflect your personality best. I’ll present details of your face shape with suggestions on hairstyles, glasses and makeup to enhance your face. We’ll also discuss your body shape and figure so that you discover and understand the styles and fabrics that suit your figure and scale.
  • I’ll study your wardrobe via video online with you so we keep the pieces that fall into your ‘wow’ category. We’ll have an outline of a wish list to go online shopping together. I’ll make suggestions, and when you receive your purchases we’ll review them together.

The benefits are:

  • You’ll be able to select the most flattering styles and fabrics to suit your body shape
  • Develop a co-ordinated wardrobe so you get maximum usage from it
  • Express your personality through your wardrobe
  • Stop wasteful buys and shopping disasters
  • Reduce time and stay focused when looking for the ideal outfit for each situation
  • You will also receive updates each season of the colours and styles available in the shops on the high street and online.


Cost: £50
Duration: 1 hour
Inlcudes: Illustrated Summary Guide

Discover how to enhance your face shape and features quickly and confidently.

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or, maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?

Learn how to look gorgeous and flawless with a personal makeover. Discover how to enhance your face shape and features quickly and confidently. A fantastic fun way to breathe new life into your look. I can show you a natural look for every day, an evening look or a fresh look for a holiday.

Tropic compact for makeup masterclass

I will demonstrate each side of the face and you’ll practise as we go along by video. I’ll explain the best colours to suit the undertone of your skin and give you application tips.


Cost: £60 per hour
Duration: Minimum two hours
Includes: Recommendation Summary Report

Let’s establish why certain pieces remain unused and decipher if we can make them workable for you. We’ll look at colours as well as styles to make sure you only keep those that are complimentary on you. Recommendations can include alterations, dyeing and tips for alternative options.

my wardrobe is full, but I have nothing to wear
online shopping assistance


Cost: £60 per hour (including the research work time)
Duration: Minimum 2 hours
Includes: Recommendation Summary report and links.

After reviewing your wardrobe with you I’ll provide recommendations including shops for colours and style. I will shop online for specific outfits, every day essentials and any items you need.

This is an ideal personal service when you want to update your wardrobe with new additions, or shop for a specific event. It will also be beneficial after my Online Colour Analysis and style services listed above.

We’ll connect via zoom and you can buy while we’re online should you wish. I will advise why each item will work for you, and how you can use it with other pieces.


Looking for an ideal gift for a loved one or a friend? These are fabulous gifts as the consultations they can be used against are gifts that last a lifetime.

If you need some pampering yourself to look forward to, these can be purchased at any time to use at a later date.

I offer gift vouchers from £25 up to the cost of a full consultation, either face to face or online.

If you wish to purchase makeup or skincare from Tropic as a present, I can organise this for you also.

Colours by Kathy Analysis Consultation Gift Voucher (front)Colours by Kathy: Enjoy your Consultation Gift Voucher (back)

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I can help you feel amazing

It’s truly incredible what the right colours and style can do for your self esteem. The right outfit can boost your confidence, offer calm and comfort or be an uplifting friend. The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish with newfound confidence!
Whilst based in Horsham in Sussex, I will happily travel to offer a Full Colour Analysis and Personal Style services. I’m very happy to discuss your Colour Analysis and style needs further.

Everyone deserves to feel great

I work with a variety of women with different body shapes and personal colouring. Whatever your concern or dilemma is, I can help. I originally trained with Colour Me Beautiful and have taken additional Colour Analysis and Style courses for working online.

Whatever your style dilemma, I can help

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Colour consultations

aqua drape: colour testing

Colour services tailored to you

  • Personal Colour Analysis online or face to face consultation
  • Understand how to mix and match your colours and make use of your best neutral colours
  • Makeup Masterclass

Style consultations

Discover your personal style

  • Personal Style Discovery online or face to face consultations
  • Figure and Style;
  • Wardrobe Detox online (and in person when possible)
  • Personal shopping online and in various locations such as Guildford, London and Bluewater.
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“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

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